Important Notice

Dear Friends and Supporters

It's been a little over a decade since The Funding Network launched in Toronto and in that time has provided key support to charities all over the world. TFN-Toronto has the distinction of being the first international chapter outside the UK and together we raised $1,000,000 for 73 innovative projects from Canada to Cambodia. We supported projects that addressed all areas of social change and provided immediate and direct relief to thousands of people in need. These grants were relatively small but immensely effective; real change was realized and our support continues to leverage positive development. In Uganda, one of the projects we funded through Raising the Village built a rainwater harvesting system that took a struggling village and transformed it into a commercial hub, simply because easy access to clean water meant villagers were able to redirect hours each day to education, farming and trade. In Tibet we facilitated a 3 day eye surgery camp through Planeterra that gave 425 people the gift of restored vision. In Tanzania, through Olive Branch for Children, we were able to provide 341 micro-finance loans to vulnerable women to start their own businesses. There were no defaults on these loans and as a result our grant continues to benefit women in 40 communities. These are but three examples from a long list of similarly efficient, well-organized ventures that our support made possible. We were also involved in supporting a significant number of highly successful programs right here in Toronto and other areas of this great country.

After ten years at the helm of TFN-Toronto, I have made the decision to step down as Chair. Serving on The Funding Network-Toronto board has been both an honor and a privilege and the experience has forever changed and enriched my life. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to meet the dedicated people who devote their lives to service, for the sponsors and their staff who provided us with event space, refreshments and assistance and for the generous donors who attended and graciously gave of their time and money.

Although the future of TFN-Toronto is unclear, my wish is that with your support it will find a way to continue and flourish beyond it's accomplishments to date. If you have questions or suggestions please contact Eugenie Harvey, International Director, in the TFN London office at

To you all, my heartfelt thanks!

Janis Rukavina
Past Chair