About Us

The Funding Network—Toronto is a non-profit charity that brings people together to:

  • act as a ‘marketplace’ to which individuals can bring projects which work towards a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable world;
  • provide a mutually respectful setting where those who might like to join with others in funding such projects get to meet and hear those doing the work;
  • promote a paradigm of social change giving: that those who have much can usefully share their wealth in creative and proactive ways, and that the process of giving can be enriching to the giver as well as to the receiver.

Giving money is one of the few significant activities that people do alone. We work together, eat together, dance together, and yet mostly give alone. It is also an activity that we often feel is both important and confusing: important because we understand the need, confusing because we don’t know where to start, what to support among the plethora of appeals. We wonder what criteria we should use to say yes or no, what kind of giving makes the biggest difference. Our giving is often reactive, seldom strategic. Rarely are we in direct touch with the organisations we support, and even more rarely are we in touch with others asking the same questions, perhaps giving to the same causes.

Those who attend funding events of The Funding Network—Toronto, talk about the privilege of actually meeting inspiring, dedicated people working for social change, about the warmth and friendliness of the atmosphere, about their amazement at what relatively small amounts of money can help achieve, and about their pleasure in helping to contribute that money.

Dr. Fred Mulder, an expat Canadian living in London, developed the concept for The Funding Network. The Funding Network—Toronto was the first branch outside the United Kingdom.