Member Testimonials

We have found several people already interested in attending either the May or November 2010 TFN - Toronto. We will follow up with others who also show a similar interest in attending. Barb and I will certainly be back for at least one of these evenings next year in support of the projects that will be presented.

Jason Stewart
Member and sponsor

I became interested in TFN-Toronto because I believe in the smaller sized charities that they are supporting. I like the feeling I get when I walk out of the meeting room, knowing I just made a difference in whatever causes I have chosen to support.

Vic Hadfield
Former Captain, New York Rangers

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderfully inspiring evening this week. Apart from the great support that the Street Kids initiative received, I just found it to be a very affirming and energizing experience. I look forward to participating in the future. Thanks again.

Warren Coughlin
Member and sponsor

As background, I first attended a TFN event just over two years ago as a guest, and became hooked on this incredibly civilized, practical and meeting-a-need caring event. In my view it is a great invention which fits the 21st Century for a significant proportion of people comparatively well off. It is NOT about writing a cheque. It is about the opportunity to be inspired/fascinated by other caring and passionate people face to face with projects you might or might not be interested in supporting in a relatively small but personal way. NO OBLIGATION TO GIVE, but you often do get inspired to do so BUT it is your decision and there is no pressure. It is fun and it is a good, different and a not to be forgotten evening as you can retain contact with projects that interest you. It is also a good networking event with like minded people, if that interests you, but you can keep to yourself if you wish to. It is at least ten times more satisfying than giving to a faceless charity, whatever the cause, if you do put your hand up.

Robin Rowland
Chair/Founder, Global Links Initiative