Christopher Varley

In everything I do, from my work in the art world to my other interests, which range from events in the Middle East to the trials and tribulations of playing golf, networking plays a major role. Therefore, when Janis asked if I would be interested in helping to start TFN—TO, the model made perfect sense and I’ve been happy to help. My role is to notify the charities that are chosen and to give direction to charities with projects that we felt had potential but needed a bit more work. We encourage them to try again. Sometimes there are two charities with projects too much alike and so for their sake we suggest delaying one to a later event. On the subject of selection, I think we would agree that the process is challenging but when we see positive results, it is also rewarding.

I strongly believe that best thing you can do for people is to give them tools and other resources to help themselves. That is what enables sustainable social change and that is what we fund through The Funding Network—Toronto.