Warren Coughlin


As a business coach who works with both entrepreneurs and executives, I always look for and encourage acts of personal responsibility. At my very first TFN meeting, I was blown away by how much everyone – from presenters to members to directors – embraced this practice. Having a group of people come together over the course of an evening for no purpose other than to support worthwhile initiatives was inspiring and affirming.  

And the nature of the charities was remarkable. They were varied, they were passionate, and they were driven by individuals sharing an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. I knew I had to be involved. My passion in my professional life is helping those I refer to as Philanthrepreneurs : entrepreneurs who want to improve the world through their businesses. This organization seemed like a natural extension of that focus.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including Neighbourhood Information Post, the Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival, the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, OnTarget, and, most recently, Street Kids International. I hope to bring that experience to this wonderful organization; an organization that I hope you will share with everyone you know.