Alzheimer Society of Toronto

Music for Memory Project

Familiar songs bring back memories for patients with Alzheimer disease and help them to connect to the best of their ability with their caregivers. Through supplying iPods loaded with music customized for a person afflicted with Alzheimer’s , The Music for Memory Project offers a means to dramatically improve quality of life through a non-pharmacological intervention that promotes enjoyment, reduces agitation, frustration, stress, lethargy and provides some opportunity for caregiver respite. Students from Royal St. George’s College, volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Society, saw first-hand the effectiveness of the program, and are encouraging members of The Funding Network to support the Music for Memory Project. The goal for TFN is to raise funds to supply 200 iPods to the program. On average, four people are affected with each diagnosis of dementia. Two hundred iPods would improve quality of life for 800 people.

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