Brands for Canada

Having the basic necessities of life is a fundamental requirement for personal dignity. Jo’s Comfort Packs are backpacks filled with new clothing, PJs, slippers, tooth brushes, toys, books, underwear and facecloths for children having to enter emergency shelters after a traumatic event at home. Being able to choose their own new cleaning clothing, and toys and books for their backpacks provides a sense of keeping some control in their lives and a boost in morale to help them cope and focus on learning. Each year Brands for Canada addresses the needs of 64,000 people living in poverty in the GTHA; sadly 21,000 are children.

With help from their retail partners, Brands for Canada puts $56 of new basic items into the hands of those who need them most, for every $1 spent. Each filled backpack only costs $40. Our goal is to raise the funds for 300 packs, about 10 per cent of the children Brands for Canada is hoping to help next year.

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