Who We Fund

Our members are proactive in bringing forward organizations to fund in the following areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health
  • Education
  • Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Through these categories we hope to address both traditional and emerging issues, some of which are largely neglected by existing grant-giving charities, but which promise to have great impact on society. We are particularly keen to support small-scale projects that are difficult to fund. Unlike many funding bodies, we will also contribute toward core and administrative costs. Members can expect to be stimulated and challenged by their contact with a wide range of issues and the social entrepreneurs tackling them.

The Funding Network-Toronto does not accept unsolicited grant applications; all the organizations and projects are presented for support by our members. Find out how to become a member. If you are already a member, learn how to submit a project proposal on behalf of a charity.